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Alleviates the difficulty of removing a single test strip due to arthritis, neuropathy, large fingers, shaky hands, poor eyesight etc. Using Diaspense™ can help decrease medical expenses, improve adherence to blood glucose testing and avoid potential medical complications.

Learn how Diaspense™ can help you:

  • Save Money

  • Prevent Contamination

  • Remove Difficulty

  • Maintain Medication Adherence



Diaspense™ removes the hassle of getting one test strip out at a time, contributing to regular blood glucose monitoring. Frequent monitoring is an important step in having well-regulated blood glucose levels, thus lowering HbA1c results (AKA: Being Healthier!). Daily accurate blood glucose testing can mean the difference between a long, healthy lifestyle and potential medical complications due to poor blood glucose management.  


Diaspense - Thee Diabetic Test Strip Dispenser

“The Intelligent Design And Simplicity Of Using Diaspense™ Makes It Thee Diabetic Test Strip Dispenser.”

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